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general information


AL-Elektronik was founded in 1999. Today, the owner-managed company is one of the leading German distributors for the distribution of electronic components


about us

Our dedicated employees works at the headquarters in Braunschweig, further employees in our field service offices in Hamburg and Baden-Württemberg. There are 800m² office space and 2300m² storage space available.

Due to the ongoing expansion course, we built up further 1100m² of storage space. We put our new warehouse into operation in december 2017.


Our stock-portfolio surrounds 91.000 different items of  semiconductors (such as rectifier, Zener, Schottky, TVS diodes, thyristors, optocouplers or LEDs), passive components (e.g.capacitors, resistors, inductors) and electromechanics (switches, connectors, fans, relays). Circuit protection products (such as fuses, PTCs or varistors) as well as sensors, cables and soldering accessories are also part of our portfolio. We’re working with a number of well-known manufacturers.

quality management


AL-Elektronik Distribution GmbH is DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified.

certificate of certification

The certificate of proof for last quality audit in 2018 can be downloaded.

Ms Nicole Both is in authority for quality management and you can reach her as follows: phone +49 (0)531 25 66 90.